How to Do Your Crypto Taxes by Yourself

Spreadsheet templates and practical tips and tricks
howto ethereum defi finance

Pay As You Earn Tax System on Ethereum

Discourse on how to design a blockchain-based income tax system
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How to Code Your Own Confidential Token on Ethereum

Step-by-step tutorial on how to develop your own confidential token with AZTEC
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Serendipity Visa: A Discourse On Talent Allocation

Allocate talent more efficiently by hotfixing immigration policy
discussion economics

Critique on Radical Markets

In-depth analysis of the policies proposed in the book
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How to Write Upgradeable Smart Contracts with Truffle ^5.0 and ZeppelinOS ^2.0

Step-by-step tutorial to get up and running with upgradeable smart contracts
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How to Host a Static Website with S3, CloudFront and Route53

Step-by-step tutorial for hosting your static website on AWS
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Intro to Radical Markets

Straightforward presentation of the policies proposed in the book
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Figuring out Ethereum

My boring journey of becoming a blockchain aficionado
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